Art by Lyudmila Rakita 
About me
  1. Alec
    Oil On Canvas
  2.  Innocence
    Oil On Canvas
  3. Mia
    Oil on Canvas
  4. The Wave
    The Wave
    Oil On Canvas

My name is Lyudmila Rakita.
I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. I came to the United States, twenty
six years ago with my husband and my two children. I pursued a
medical career and have been working as a psychiatrist. Recently, I have developed an interest in painting.

I want to introduce my work to you.
Art has become an essential part of my life and painting my
passion. For the past four years, I have taken classes in oil painting at
the Hunakai Art Studio in Foxboro, MA. As my skills developed, so has
the complexity of the artwork I attempt. I became a member of the Cape Cod Art Association and exhibited my paintings on several occasions: Massachusetts Medical Society Art Exhibits, CCAA shows, and gallery at Brockton Cultural Arts Center. I have my painting displayed in my office as well. Originally it was just a hobby that has developed into a therapeutic obsession, healing myself and my patients.