Me and my Art
Art by Lyudmila Rakita

Art is a wonderful hobby, whether it is painting, art collecting, or visiting a museum. Art stimulates our senses and make life richer and more enjoyable,
regardless what you do with the rest of your life.
Each piece of art enables the artist to try something different every time, which makes painting a challenging experience-not a chore. Many studies indicate that the problem solving processes involved in creating a piece or art carry over into increased problem solving skills and cognitive function. The time spent working on art becomes a time out, away from day to day worries, away from life’s problems, renews energy reserves to put one’s problems in perspective and thus makes it easier to find the solutions needed later on.
Creating art is something that an individual can engage in and appreciate throughout their life. As a stress release it is an unparalleled lifelong activity that can transform lives or at least make them more manageable.
What motivates me as an artist? 
Art for me is a way to both relax and express myself through pictures. The art can be used to inspire, make a statement, and reflect who we are. It provides an opportunity to be creative and capturing nature’s beauty-the brilliance of fall, the starkness of winter, the rebirth of spring, and the warmth of summer. I see painting as a form of language in which we can describe and evoke emotions as well as events.
The visible world fascinates me. Constantly, I search out play between shapes, colors, textures and light. “The eye surrenders to the visual beauty it has isolated and my mind surrenders to the excitement of its inherent capture.” I am able to react honestly,
emotionally as well as visually to my selected subject matter. I hope my artwork can evoke positive emotions and enjoyment in all who are able to see it.

Lyudmila Rakita